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 Point.1 semi-automatic operation by incorporating a computer into the previous model
The YCG-1215 CNC center hole grinder from Yasda features semi-automatic operation by incorporating a computer into the previous model.
The following new features are added:
  1. Automatic control over rapid approach, cutting approach, dwell, and return
  2. Automatic positioning of spindle dressing
  3. Automatic compensation to align the grindstone dressing quantity with the cutting approach quantity
  4. Uniform and accurate center hole depth
  5. Significantly shorter processing times
  6. Improved quality consistency via automated operation
Dressing is performed manually as per previous models.

 Point.2 Dresser
The new dresser offers more convenience than that of previous models as described below.
  1. The spindle is automatically positioned for dressing and locked in position.
  2. The grindstone dressing value is adjusted on the dial scale.
  3. As before, the dresser is turned manually to the required position. Dressing is performed using the rotating handle.
  4. The grindstone dressing quantity is automatically compensated to align with the spindle approach quantity.
 Point.3 Control Panel
  1. The machine is operated via a touch-screen panel.
  2. Operating instructions are displayed on the panel.

 Center Hole Grinder YCG-1215CNC Specifications
Sizes of workpiece
Workpiece clamping range Φ5∼ Φ150mm
Workpiece length 50∼ 1200mm
Max. weight of workpiece 100kg
Center Hole Grinder Capacity Center hole angle 60°
Dia. of center hole stone Φ2∼ Φ50o
Spindle of grinding stone Dia. of spindle Φ32mm
Speed of grinding stone (15mm dia.) 45,000min-1
Speed of grinding stone (27mm dia.) 25,000min-1
Speed of grinding stone (51mm dia.) 15,000min-1
Motors For spindle 0.4KW
For reciprocating motion 0.1KW
For dust collector 0.4KW
cutting head vertical approach 1.5KW
Grinding head Max. rapid approach 140mm
vertical approach manual pulse, minimum approach 0.001mm
Grinding stone dressing device Travel of dressing diamond 40mm
Max. travel for one revolution of wheel 1.5o
Max. in-feed for one revolution of wheel 1mm(0.002mm/div.)
Electric power supply Voltage & spindle 3Ph 200V 50/60Hz
Capacity 4.0KVA
Pneumatic source For lubrication of spindle 0.3∼ 0.4MPa
Weight Net weight of the standard machine 960kg

 Center Hole Grinder YCG-1215CNC OUTLINE
Center Hole Grinder YCG-1215CNC