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Center Hole Grinder
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  Grinding center hole into a super-precise polygonal configuration
  A step advanced function - 3 revolution velocities can be selected with a one-touch switch.
  Speedy and exact work piece setting
  Simple and high rigid body and …
  Simple grind stone dressing

 Center Hole Grinder "YCG-1215" Specifications
Sizes of workpiece
Workpiece clamping range Φ5∼ Φ150o
Workpiece length 50∼ 1200o
Max. weight of workpiece 100s
Center Hole Grinder Capacity Center hole angle 60°
Dia. of center hole stone Φ2∼ Φ50o
Reciprocation motion 1.3o
Spindle of grinding stone Dia. of spindle Φ32o
Speed of grinding stone (15mm dia.) 45,000min-1
Speed of grinding stone (27mm dia.) 25,000min-1
Speed of grinding stone (51mm dia.) 15,000min
Motors For spindle 0.4KW
For reciprocating motion 0.1KW
For dust collector (Option) 0.4KW
Grinding head Max. rapid approach 150o
One revolution of handwheel for fine adjustment 1.5mm(0.01mm/div.)
Grinding stone dressing device Travel of dressing diamond 40o
Max. travel for one revolution of wheel 1.5o
Max. in-feed for one revolution of wheel 1mm(0.01mm/div.)
Electric power supply Voltage & spindle 3Ph 200V 50/60Hz
Capacity 1.5KVA
Pneumatic source For lubrication of spindle 0.35∼0.4MPa
Weight Net weight of the standard machine 900kg

 Center Hole Grinder"YCG-1215" Standard Accessories
Name Q'ty
15 dia. of grinding stone 1
27 dia. of grinding stone 1
51 dia. of grinding stone 1
Diamond tool for dressing 1
Short center 1
Long center 1
Set of servicing spanners 1
Grease gun 1
Oil gun 1

 Center Hole Grinder"YCG-1215" Special Accessories
Dust collector system complete
Three-jaw chuck
Spot light
Centering device for eccentric rod